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The Story:  Edward Fellows, an aging Shakespearean actor, has a stroke onstage while playing King Lear. From that point on, he can speak only in Shakespearean quotes. His estranged family wants nothing to do with him, but his son, Robin, reluctantly takes him in when there is no other recourse.

Rob’s daughter, Miranda, is a fourteen-year-old aspiring actor who immediately bonds with her grandfather and helps with his recovery. Edward’s ex-wife and Rob’s mother, Lydia, wants nothing to do with her philandering ex and battles mightily when Edward tries to woo her with love sonnets.

Meanwhile, Edward’s partner in stage crime is setting up a touring theatrical company and wants Edward to make a comeback, an idea no one likes.

Gwen, a young actor who considers Edward her mentor, starts to fall in love with Rob. Add in a no-nonsense nurse, a bewildered neurologist, a door-to-door evangelist, a cheeky barista and let the fun begin.

Earl Reid directs an all-star cast in this Free Key Production going up in May at the intimate Firehouse Performing Arts Center.

This IS your Grandfather’s Shakespeare!


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This delightful script was written by Spokane playwright Craig Rickett.  It offers some rare roles for older women and is full of sly humor.  FKP will be producing the Western Washington premiere in the fall of 2016.


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