Free Key Productions is vision become reality. Artistic Director Christopher Key has practically lived in one theatre or another for over 60 years. Forming his own local, independent, live theatre production company begins the next phase of his journey. While he loves community theatre, there are certain limitations, both physical and artistic, that he wishes to transcend. There are locally-written shows, rarely performed one-acts and even jazz recordings in the near future. There may even be collaborations with other independent theatre groups.

Free Key Productions Artistic Director, Christopher Key

Since arriving in Bellingham in 1999, Christopher has attracted an extraordinary group of actors and technical specialists that love to work with him as much as he loves to work with them. These talented people will form the core of Free Key Productions. For the time being at least, productions will be either pre-cast from this group or auditions will be held by invitation only. As theatre and music reviewer for IMHO, Christopher is in a unique position to spot new talent and incorporate them into the group.

Rather than tie Free Key Productions to one venue, Christopher plans to match the venue to the needs of the production.

What can you expect from Free Key Productions? Professional-quality performing arts featuring lesser-known scripts, local playwrights and musicians, ingenious settings and a devotion to the daring and edgy. Christopher hopes you’ll visit the site often to see what theatrical mischief he is plotting and that you’ll become a regular attendee at some of the most exciting events in the Northwest.

Christopher is deeply honored to have been named one of the 2016 recipients of the Bellingham Mayor’s Arts Award.  He realizes that the award really belongs to all the actors, directors, musicians, dancers, techies and, yes, even board members that he has worked with through the years.  Most especially the ones who have been in a Free Key Production!

FKP is delighted to announce that local theatre pro Glen Nelson Bristow is the new owner and Artistic Director of Free Key Productions.  I hope you’ll give him all the support and enthusiasm you’ve give me over the years.  I can’t wait to see what Glen does with this company.

Ave et vale.




Our Mission:

To create memorable theatrical and musical performances.


Our Vision:

To become a leading semi-professional production company in the Northwest.


Our Logo:

The ankh is the symbol for life in Egyptian heiroglyphics. It has been used (and abused) by many groups since then. In vampire lore, it symbolizes the eternal life of the undead. We like to think it symbolizes the eternal lure of the performing arts, modified by the ephemeral nature of live theatre. The latter is symbolized by Christopher Key’s digitally-manipulated photo of fireworks from which the ankh arises.

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